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As the COVID-19, or Coronavirus, crisis spreads across the United States, hitting communities and schools everyone is being encouraged to take extra precautions when it comes to health and safety. Many cities and states have declared a state of emergency in order to allow for more response from local government agencies. Evidently local, state, and federal agencies are taking this epidemic seriously and hoping citizens will do the same.  

One measure being advised is limiting time spent in large crowds or groups. New York State and New Jersey have both added limits on the number of people that can gather. Many schools are planning to close indefinitely and are moving their teaching to strictly online only.   

What resources are available for schools that are teaching online? The National School Choice has released a useful list of 37 free online resources for schools.  

The most important thing to keep in mind in uncertain times such as these is maintaining clear communication by closing any gaps. We understand that with this virus that it’s very unpredictable and that this situation may change from day-to-day. We advise schools and parents to frequently monitor communication from their schools, communities, state and federal officials.