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Let us Create a Hassle-Free Dismissal Process

Rosters are automatically updated via the RightSpot app. Changes are automatically pushed to all needed parties.

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Make sure every student is accounted for, in real-time.

RightSpot eliminates your school's dismissal & transportation problems (student whereabouts) by communicating real-time student information to school staff, bus monitors/checkers, and parents.

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Know where your buses and students are with live GPS

Schools can track bus routes and live GPS location. RightSpot is capable of integrating with any GPS.

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A few of our happy clients
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Technology Agnostic

Works with Any SIS

Ease of Use

Deploy within 2 weeks


Your Privacy is our Priority

Save Time, Prevent Hassle, Streamline Communication

This app is an all-in-one solution that helps communicate vital transportation information and get students to the RightSpot.

In the Office

School staff can track the real-time status of bus routes and students, and monitor expected pick-up and drop-off times. RightSpot offers tailored, daily dismissal lists that include any deviations to the school’s daily routine. Changes are communicated automatically.

In the Field

Allow bus drivers, attendants, and school staff to have daily, real-time information regarding who should be on the bus route each day. Alert bus drivers when students will be absent or have made other transportation arrangements eliminating confusion on student whereabouts.

Empower Parents

Give parents and guardians real-time information regarding the location of their child, as well as when and where the student will be picked up or dropped off. Schools can send real-time alerts to parents directly.

Revolutionizing Student Safety:
Explore Our RightSpot App in Action!

Discover the future of school dismissals with our RightSpot App!
Watch the demo videos to see how we ensure student safety, streamline routes, and provide real-time updates for parents and schools


Admin App Demo

Driver App Demo

Parent App Demo


RightSpot can help schools and parents save time, prevent headaches, and communicate vital information,
pick-up and departure times, attendance, and after-school activities.

Real-time school bus & student safety provides peace of mind

RightSpot allows schools and parents to monitor the location and timing of their children’s buses in real-time. Staff can immediately respond to parents’ concerns saving valuable time.

School bus attendants can log students on/off buses via our tablet app. Have RFID or NFC? RightSpot captures information automatically as students tap on/off the bus.

RightSpot can manage enrollment in after-school activities

Reduce the chaos for school administrators in managing complex student schedules

RightSpot can manage enrollment in after-school activities and the resulting impact on transportation, information that is not typically provided in Student Information Systems.

It also provides after school activities leaders and coaches with accurate rosters for each day and allows them to easily see if there is a reason a child is not present.

Facilitate the dismissal process for school administrators – who goes where, when

RightSpot incorporates last minute change requests from parents (without phone calls or post-it notes!) and regularly scheduled exceptions. For example, every Friday, a student does not ride the bus. Schools also have the ability to create custom exceptions.

RightSpot automatically adjusts the dismissal and bus rosters daily and instantly communicates this information to staff and parents.

RightSpot automatically adjusts the dismissal process
RightSpot integrates with Student Information Systems

Provide the data needed to better manage the transportation system

RightSpot allows schools to track planned vs. actual bus routes, enabling school administrators to better manage routes. RightSpot integrates with Student Information Systems and GPS systems to ensure accurate, real-time information.

Subscription based SAAS offering with flexible pricing based on school size.

Data Security and Privacy

Cloud Architecture

Role-based Access

Parents or alternate contacts are restricted to their assigned students.

Bus logins are restricted to their routes.


From Weehawken School District

"We feel that RightSpot provides our Bus Team and families with a safe and reliable tracking app. We are happy with customer service and tech support and many of our families rely on the app"

Francesca Amato
Assistant Superintendent
Weehawken Township School District

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