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RighSpot’s Real time student tracking management software is a one-stop solution for school transportation needs. The RighSpot Real time tracking software offers the student tracking system that allows schools to track the location of their students and staff, where they get on board, and where they are dropped off.  Over time, more and more school are realized the accumulating benefits of using student real-time tracking systems to improve student safety while also optimizing bus routing and communication with parents regarding transportation matters. 

Benefits of Real time Student Tracking System

Following are the benefits of real time student tracking in schools and educational institutions.

  1. Improved student safety: Real-time student tracking app allow schools and parents to monitor the current location and safety of their children at all times from your mobile, providing peace of mind and it increases student safety.
  2. Increased accountability: With live tracking, schools can hold students accountable for their actions, such as arriving late or leaving school early, and can address any issues quickly by using the app.
  3. Improved communication: Real-time tracking app allows easy communication between drivers, parents, teachers, and administrators, by ensuring everyone is informed about the student at the same time.
  4. Better attendance tracking: RightSpot tracking app will alert bus drivers to easily track students. Whenever the student is absent suddenly or have made other transportation arrangements like parents dropping them to school on that day by eliminating confusion on student whereabouts.
  5. Increased efficiency: Real-time tracking apps can automate many administrative tasks, such as attendance tracking and reporting, saving time and resources for schools.
  6. Better emergency response: Student tracking app allows schools to quickly and effectively respond to emergencies, such as natural disasters or active shooter situations other emergency cases.
  7. Increased student engagement: Live tracking apps can be used to engage and motivate students, such as by providing rewards for good attendance in the bus or on time in class.
  8. Better data analysis: RightSpot Real-time tracking app can provide valuable data that schools can use to improve student performance and outcomes also check the previous month’s history of the student and much more.
  9. Improved parent-teacher communication: Our Real-time tracking app can facilitate communication between parents and teachers, allowing for more effective collaboration about safety, hygiene and support for students.
  10. Better tracking of student activities: With Real-time data you can be used to monitor student activities, such as behaviour with other student’s activities, ensuring students are safe and engaged.

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