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Interestingly, in a study on factors that influence parents’ decision to choose a private school, it is not the quality of education or the affordability that tops the list but the ‘safety of the child.’ Schools have evolved and come a long way in implementing safety, including CCTV cameras, ID cards for students and staff, and physical security checks.

But are these measures really good enough to provide a safe school environment? It is time to rethink how schools maintain safety and efficiency in times of uncertainty.

This article explores how the school dismissal app can benefit students and parents, creating a revolutionary change within the education sector.

What is a School Dismissal App?

A school dismissal app is created to manage and streamline the process of dismissing students from school. Its primary goal is to enhance safety, efficiency, and communication in the school dismissal process by enabling real-time tracking and instant notifications


What are the Benefits of the School Dismissal App for Students and Parents?

Real-Time Tracking

School dismissal apps provide real-time tracking of students to inform parents and staff about their exact location. Knowing the students’ whereabouts gives peace of mind to parents and school administrators as they can be assured of the children’s safety.


Enhanced Communication

Experience improved and seamless communication between parents and staff by leveraging a school dismissal app. For example, if there is any change in the regular school schedule, like early dismissal or an unplanned event that could cause a delay in the school timings, the staff can immediately send an update to the parents.

Also, schools can receive urgent information or updates from parents, like early pickups or their child’s health concerns, using these apps. They help bridge the gap between the school and the parents, fostering a proactive and efficient setup to maintain students’ safety.


School Bus Tracking

Parents who utilize school bus services for their children can access real-time updates on the precise location of the bus. It helps parents estimate when the bus would reach the stop, reducing the waiting period. It also allows parents to compare the scheduled route vs. the actual route by checking for detours or delays in real-time.

During unfavorable conditions like bad weather altering the school bus’s arrival time, the parents get instant notifications about the same. Integrated with the student information systems and GPS, school dismissal apps can be the key to maintaining overall school bus dismissal safety.


Automated & Safe School Dismissal Procedures

The school dismissal app can be smoothly integrated into an existing school workflow to completely automate dismissal procedures. It helps reduce manual interventions in the school dismissal system, which could be overwhelming to handle where there is a high student count.

Less paperwork and improved efficiency are some of the notable benefits of this app. This allows the school staff to focus more on the core teaching and coordinating responsibilities, creating a better and safer environment for the students.

Emergency Alerts

Schools must have efficient disaster preparedness and emergency protocols that outline how they equip, respond, and recover from any calamities. The school dismissal app can act as an integral response measure during emergencies, enabling staff to send immediate notifications to parents. The quick response time empowers them to act swiftly to protect the children from injuries and avoid casualties.


Reduced Time Spent on Phone Calls to School Staff

One of the biggest concerns for parents is to know where their children are and when they would be ready for pick up from school. On average, parents spend significant time calling the school administrators to confirm their arrival on the premises.

A robust school dismissal app can eliminate unnecessary phone calls to school staff through its auto updates on the portal.

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