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How Prepared is Your School to Reopen this Fall?

Implement COVID-Safety Protocols Meticulously with RightSpot

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

Benjamin Franklin

How RightSpot ensures Every Student’s Safety

We, at RightSpot understand that the near future for academic institutions is unsettling and highly variable. RightSpot aims to stand by your school through all the unforeseen circumstances that may arise to handle fast-rising complications in time.
This is how we can help you brave this transformation into a better normal:

Social-Distancing Practices

  • ID-Card readers minimize contact at every check-in/out
  • Clear indication of bus capacities adhering with social distancing guidelines
  • Easy-to-use interface that minimizes the need for extra support staff/personnel

Advanced Reporting Systems

  • Rapid Contact-tracing response made possible by maintenance of rigorous attendance lists of each ride
  • Real-time communication about the child’s whereabouts available to all concerned adults  
  • Updates and last-minute changes communicated with ease 

Thorough Screening Measures

  • Recorded Temperature checks to make every ride safe 
  • Incident reports that immediately inform violation of safety protocols 

Handle Variations Effectively

  • Staggered schedules accommodated with ease  
  • Account for unexpected changes with flexible systems 

About RightSpot

RightSpot was created to bring Accountability for each child to the forefront in the school transportation system. RightSpot deals with every possibility of risk that could occur during transportation by bringing coherence into the dismissal chaos of schools. Leveraging high-end technology and real-time communication systems, the motive of ensuring each child’s safety and security is at the heart of RightSpot’s functionality.

“Every school bus aide and administrator dreads the frantic parent question, ‘Where’s
Johnny?’ Those questions end with RightSpot.  It lets approved family members and bus
and school staff know in real time where a bus is, when and where a student got on or off,
and also, if Johnny didn’t get on the bus, WHY Johnny didn’t get on it and where he went instead. That critical added information makes all the difference.”

Says former State of New Jersey Commissioner of Education, Bret Schundler

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